Lets Start From The Beginning

Atlanta Buckhead.png

Hello from Atlanta!

I haven’t always lived the big city life – I am quickly approaching my one year anniversary of learning to cut people off, my hour long 10 mile commute to work, using parking garages more than I care too and living way too close to a mall (Don’t worry – I really do like it here).

Growing up, I lived in a small low country  town in South Carolina then continued the small town streak when I attended Clemson University. Therefore when it came to graduating college and finding a job, I set my sights on the city life. I packed up all my belongings and moved to a place I knew maybe 2 people. All the while, my long term boyfriend was still finishing up his degree in Ohio.

Yep, Ohio. We met in high school and continued our relationship through out our college careers, 8 hours apart meant for lots of weekend trips and Friday classes skipped. This long distance continued until just a few weeks ago when my boy graduated and packed up all of his belongings (i.e. his clothes) and met me in Atlanta.

So, I am sure you are wondering when/how this Weimaraner came into play. Around Thanksgiving, I started getting an itch to get a puppy…because who doesn’t? Despite my confidence in my ability to care for another living creature…I took the plunge anyways. I had been wanting a blue, girl weim and when I contacted the breeder, what did she have left? A blue, girl weim of course! I took this as one of those “it is just meant to be” signs and drove to pick her up. Please keep in mind that while I did have family dogs growing up – I never really took part in the actual raising/caring for a dog. As a first time dog owner, the past few months have been a whirlwind of fun, stress, $$$, snuggles and weim crime.

Going from living by myself, living with a dog and now living with a boy and a dog – this has been a season of change and I am looking forward to this journey of learning to balance it all. I am pretty sure Joel knows me better than I know myself and I have never been more comfortable around any one more than I am with him…although I am sure he would appreciate it if I closed the door more when I use the restroom. I am excited to document our first adventures in the real world with you all.

Stay tuned for more posts about life, fashion and fitness.

– Sarah Beth Bosco



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