What Nobody Told Me About Living With a Boy

He will test your patience (in a good and bad way – I am very impatient, so I am working on this 🙂 )

Your grocery and water bill will go up (Because frankly, boys eat and shower A LOT – at least this particular boy does…like who showers before a work out?)

Boys are really really messy i.e. you will know exactly where said boy has been and what he did

He will leave peanut butter on the lid of the jelly – still don’t know how this one happens

He will spill beer and leave his dip on your nice new tan couch (and leave a stain)

He will make you laugh until you cry

You have your own adventure buddy 24/7 and someone to take along on all the errands you run

He will be your own personal trainer for your 5 am workouts

He will be the best grocery shopping partner (he will push the grocery cart and carry all the bags to prove how strong he is…and then drop your apples on the concrete (read: bruise your apples before you even arrive home))

You will annoy him when you pester him about his To Do list

He will leave his wet towel on your floor – or even better, on your bed

He will let the dog out when it gets dark outside (You will learn to pull the “it’s dangerous” card on him but really you are just too comfy on the couch to move)

He will ultimately force you into getting a bigger bed because you, him and the dog cannot quite sleep comfortably on a full size bed (this is good and bad…bad because how are little pads of fluff you sleep on maybe 8 hours a day so expensive????)

He will make you watch Jeopardy with him every night at 7:30 and get mad when you get more answers right than he does 🙂

And you will love every minute of all of it.

Stay tuned 😉

– Sarah Beth Bosco


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