Summer has always been my absolute favorite season for all of my life. So you can imagine how sad I was when I realized that last summer was my last real summer. Last August I entered the 8-5, M-F, real world and unfortunately that means… no more summers off.

I would love being at home during the summer – getting to sleep in, work out, go shopping, hangout with friends, be lazy, work a part time job, hangout by the pool and go to the beach whenever I wanted to. Sounds like a pretty good gig, eh? Good bye to the good ole days! I now have 2 whole days (aka Saturday and Sunday) to do all my favorite summer activities – and living in Atlanta makes it pretty hard to do my most favorite – the beach.

I was long over due for a trip to the beach so this past weekend came at the perfect time. Joel, Oxford and I packed up the car after I got off of work and headed to the coast. For as much as I wanted to get out of the little town of Beaufort, SC when I was growing up – it sure is nice to go back now that I am older.

I spent the whole weekend with my family and loved every minute of it. Luckily, we had Monday off because of the 4th of July and then I took an extra day so we were able to stay a lot longer than the typical one full day trip.

Saturday was spent running errands around town with my mom, hanging out by the pool and cooking tacos with Dad. Sunday was the day I was looking forward to the most. My mom, sister and I packed up a cooler and some beach towels and headed to Fripp Island for the day! I could seriously just lay on the beach all day – and that is exactly what I did. After heading home, we got ready and headed to a cookout with Joel’s family.


Since Joel and I grew up in the same town – our parent’s houses are only about 10 minutes away. This makes weekend trips home and holidays SO easy and great.

Monday was spent relaxing and hanging by the pool. We introduced Oxford to the pool and she absolutely loved it and didn’t want to get out! She is such a little human child.


Monday night was spent eating hamburgers and watching fireworks from our window – lucky for us our neighbor does his own full fireworks show so we get the whole view from an upstairs window. So much better than crowds and bugs!


The older I get, the more appreciative I am for my parents, sister and home. I will jump on any chance to get to spend time with them. I’m not sure what it is growing up but I know every one goes through the “parents are the worst people in the world phase” from ages like 13-18. Once you hit 20 you join the “parents are the best people in the world let me call my mom 5 times a day because she knows everything and I don’t know anything you were right help me phase “. I am definitely in the second phase and my parents have been my absolute saviors when it comes to all things real world – like nobody teaches you how to file taxes or how to switch the car title from your dad’s name to your name in college. (None of the above is very fun, in case you were wondering). Parents make all those scary things not as scary!

I don’t know how people manage being thousands of miles away from their families – 4 hours is plenty for me. The more time I spend in the big city, I realize that my heart is definitely in SC!

– Sarah Beth Bosco



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