Weekly Workouts 12.31.16

Around the holiday’s people often have a hard time sticking to their workout plan – this can be due to travel, lack of motivation (hello, cookies) and quite frankly people are just busier during this time period. I was lucky enough to travel to my parents house for the holidays – which is actually one of my favorite places to run, which works out in my favor. Atlanta is full of hills so it is always a nice change of scenery when I get to go to the lowcountry and always try to get in a few runs while I am home. Circuit work outs are also some of my favorite ways to get a work out in when you are short on time/don’t have a lot of equipment – most can be modified (i.e., if you do not have access to weights, substitute another exercise that doesn’t include weights).

Here are my work outs for the Christmas/New Years week:

Sunday December 25: Christmas Day! Rest Day

Monday December 26: Run 3.36 miles, 30:29 min, 9:04 pace. This run was in my hometown, which means no hills!!

Tuesday December 27: Arm Circuit 

12 Push Ups

12 Tricep Pulldowns

12 Bicep Curls

12 Hammer Curls

20 Mountain Climbers

Repeat 4-5 times

Wednesday December 28: Run 4.01 miles, 34:42 min, 8:39 pace

Thursday December 29: Shoulders

12 Shoulder Presses with Dumbbell x 4

12 Arnold Presses with Dumbbell x 4

12 Lateral Raises Dumbbell x 4

12 Front Raises with Dumbbell x 4

Friday December 30: Run 3.42 miles, 30:09 min, 8:49 pace

Saturday December 31: Run 1 mile & Full Body Circuit

5 Burpees

6 Squat Thrusters (presses)

7 Bicep Curls

8 Tricep Dips

9 Sit Up/Crunches

10 Jumping Jacks

Repeat Circuit as many times as possible in 20 minutes (Non Stop)

– Sarah Beth Bosco